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Omar and Tlaib…Siding With The Enemy Yet Again

Omar and Tlaib…Siding With The Enemy Yet Again

By Diane Sori – May 19, 2019082Share on FacebookTweet on Twitter

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

Once again, Israel faces a barrage of deadly rocket attacks by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. We support Israel 100% in its defense of its citizens…To the Gazan people — these terrorist acts against Israel will bring you nothing but more misery. END the violence and work towards peace – it can happen!” 
 President Donald Trump’s message to the “Gazan” people not the “Palestinian” people…take note

When someone runs for office in these United States one is supposed to not only have America’s best interests at heart but that of her allies as well. When someone runs for office in these United States one is not supposed to vocally, in print or online come out and support U.S. terrorist designated groups nor raise money for said groups. And when someone runs for office in these United States one takes an oath to uphold the entirety of the Constitution…not pick and choose the parts they want to uphold

And yet there are two women who are doing just that as well as using their 15 minutes of “political infamy” to not only outwardly side with an enemy against both America and her staunchest ally Israel, but who have picked up Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s proverbial knife to continue on with his self-initiated stabbing of Israel in the back. And they’re doing so no matter that theirpolitical higher-ups have “politely” suggested they stop.

So it’s now come down to a game of words…or should I say twitter fingers…as both newly elected Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have not reigned in their predominantly anti-Israel comments and sentiments. Knowing well that there is now a different set of rules for muslims in these United States…as in say as you wish with America’s allegiances be damned and do so knowing you won’t be stopped…means those in power fear that both you and those vile sorts you support will do unto them the very violent actions you so happily condone they do unto Israel.

And really, if not fear of muslim reprisal here in the U.S…fear of our streets running “red”with we infidel’s blood…why else would these two muslimas still be sitting in the halls of our government spewing out their traitorous rhetoric against an ally when there are legalities in place to “expel” them both from Congress

Simply, both Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib are Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas operatives who have made it clear that they support Iranian backed terrorists in their almost daily onslaught against Israel as well as heralding their support for Yassir Arafat’s made-up people known as “Palestinians.” And on May 5th, Omar, in an attempt to justify Hamas’s attack on Israel, tweeted while Israel was being bombarded by what amounted to roughly 700 Hamas rocket attacks against its civilian populations and cities that, and I quote: “How many more protesters must be shot, rockets must be fired, and little kids must be killed until the endless cycle of violence ends? The status quo of occupation and humanitarian crisis in Gaza is unsustainable. Only real justice can bring about security and lasting peace.”

Really Omar, how’s this for truth about your “cycles of violence”…in the past year alone, besides rocket attacks, Israel’s southern communities have endured a barrage of incendiary devices being launched from Gaza including balloons filled with explosives… balloons that have burned fields, greenhouses and homes…balloons causing untold destruction, hardship, injuries and even death. 

In fact, the President of the American Islamic Forum For Democracy, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a truly moderate muslim, has publicly criticized Ilhan Omar for her recent tweets regarding Hamas’ renewed violence against Israel. Recently on Fox News program ‘America’s Newsroom,’ Jasser stated that, “She needs to look at her own talking points. If she truly is about universal human rights and humanitarianism, there’s no cycle. This is started and can be ended by Hamas’s terrorist actions.” Adding that,“My question to her is if she cares about Muslim civil rights and cares about humanitarianism, then why doesn’t she call for them to stop the violence? Why doesn’t she call for an Arab Spring in the Palestinian areas against their tyrants which are Hamas and call for a new peaceful leadership?…And, unfortunately, there’s nothing that Israel or America can do right. And, no matter what terrorists like Hamas do, she will continue to apologize for them.” 

And how right Dr. Jasser is for Ilhan Omar conveniently forgets that it’s always Hamas… Iran’s proxy Hamas…who initiates such attacks against Israel not Israel against Hamas or against those living in Gaza. Also, Omar forgets or doesn’t care that in 1997 the U.S. declared Hamas a “foreign terrorist organization,” and that in 2007, Hamas’ Ahmad Bah, the then-acting speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, publicly stated that Hamas’ intention was to destroy America and “call on allah to annihilate every American. 

Now add in that Canada, Egypt and the European Union have also designated Hamas a terrorist group with even Jordan…minus the actual designation…banning Hamas from its country. And the U.K., Australia and New Zealand have specifically designated Hamas’ military wing…cowards always covering their faces…as a terror group, and that’s in addition to Saudi Arabia banning not only Hamas itself but their parent organization, the ever infamous Muslim Brotherhood, as well.

And Ilhan Omar knows…as do we all…that it’s Iran who directly backs and arms Hamas militarily, financially and politically. Yet Omar remains unusually silent to National Security Adviser John Bolton announcing on Sunday, May 5th…the second day of the newest Israeli/Gaza conflict…that the U.S. is deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the U.S. Central Command region, a region which includes the Middle East. Adding that the move was in response to “a number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” and that “unrelenting force” will meet “any attack on U.S. interests or those of its allies”…allies being Israel…surely helped shut Omar’s mouth now didn’t it.

Now as for avowed Palestinian mouthpiece Rashida Tlaib…she also took to tweeter on May 5th, in response to a New York Times, May 4th article, Gaza Militants Fire 250 Rockets, and Israel Responds with Airstrikes. Saying the article and most especially the title promotes a “lack of responsibility on Israel,” Tlaib ignores that Israel has every right to defend herself against this or any rocket attacks against its civilian populations. And I quote Tlaib’s own words, “When will the world stop dehumanizing our Palestinian people who just want to be free? Headlines like this & framing it in this way just feeds into the continued lack of responsibility on Israel who unjustly oppress & target Palestinian children and families.” 

Lack of responsibility on Israel’s part”…Rashida Tlaibknows nothing about which she speaks.How so…here are but four key facts

  1. When Israel pulled out of Gaza in 2005 in an effort to bring some semblance of peace to the region, the Jewish farmers left their greenhouses and hothouses intact in order to help aid the Gazans…notice I called them what Trump called them…in what could have been a profitable food stuffs business just as it had been for the Jewish farmers. But instead of feeding the people and realizing what a gift this was, Hamas operatives burnt down said greenhouses and hothouses as well as synagogues, thus taking food and monies out of their own people’s pockets and mouths and by denial putting it into theirs alone. 
  2. After Israel vacated Gaza, they still continued to supply goods, services, and medical supplies to the people of Gaza even after they, in a supposedly “democratic election,” chose to be governed by terrorists…by Hamas. And yet even while the current rocket barrage was ongoing Israel allowed key fuel shipments from Israel into Gaza to “avoid a humanitarian crisis”…how’s that for taking “responsibility” Ms. Tlaib. 
  3. Over these many years numerous countries have sent huge amounts of both economic and humanitarian aid into Gaza…we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars in such aid. But the people never received that aid…instead seeing both monies and aid being “stolen by Hamas”… ”stolen” to be used to help fund its propaganda machine and its terrorist operations against Israel. In fact, just last month Hamas forcibly shut down Gazan protests by those who were marching against the misuse of said economic and humanitarian aid…misuse regarding terrorism infrastructures, government corruption, and payoffs. 
  4. Both Tlaib and Omar must stop whining that Gaza is an “occupied territory” for to be “occupied” one has to be not only living under the control of the “occupier” but the “occupier” must have a physical presence in said territory…Israel has neither. In fact, not a single Jew or Israeli lives in Gaza as the 10,000+ Jews who were living in Gaza were relocated elsewhere in 2005, “ethnically cleansing”  Jews from Gaza if you will. Since then Gaza has been under total control of Hamas (and its puppet master Iran), hence it is not an Israeli  “occupied territory.” All that has or has not happened in Gaza is the sole responsibility of Hamas…period. 

And a few other things neither Ilhan Omar nor Rashida Tlaib will like regarding Hamas’ latest attack on Israel. First, Saudi Arabia’s leading “intellectuals and journalists” have once again openly sided with Israel against Hamas* as they expressed hope for Israel’s “safety and victory”… yes…”victory.” And by their verbally attacking Hamas and its policies…most especially its firing rockets into Israel’s civilian areas…these Saudis have laid the blame directly on Hamas, not Israel, for all the problems in Gaza. Some even went so far as to say that Hamas was acting on direct orders from Tehran and that such actions were most likely a misplaced form of retaliation for Trump’s May 3rd tightening of sanctions on Iran.

Second, on May 5th in response to both Omar’s and Tlaib’s tweets, Iranian-born now Australian Shia Imam Mohamad Tawhidi (@Imamofpeace), President of the Islamic Association of South Australia, called both these women out by name saying that, “Remember that time @Ilhan and @RashidaTlaib condemned Hamas’ terrorism? Neither do I.” Seems like some of their own brethren are now seeing the danger these two muslimas pose to peace in the region, and yet both remain sitting in the halls of Congress.

So while Israel continues to forge new friendships and alliances with key Arab nations and even with some of islam’s more “moderate” religious leaders, Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon recently stated in regards to this latest altercation that killed four Israelis, “Iran was behind everything” which is happening in the Middle East. 

And shock of all shocks even the E.U. and the U.N. are now condemning Hamas as well as Islamic Jihad…yet another Gaza-based terrorist group with direct ties to Iran. And why also Islamic Jihad…because Islamic Jihad has said they will “not abide by any ceasefire agreement” vowing instead to “shoot missiles” directly into Tel Aviv.

In fact, not only did U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres state that he “condemns in the strongest terms the launching of rockets from Gaza into Israel, particularly the targeting of civilian population centers,” but European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini has also called for a halt to Hamas’“indiscriminate rocket attacks”  being launched from Gaza. And surprisingly, Germany’s deputy government spokesperson, one Ulrike Demmer, said the German government strongly condemns Hamas’ attacks on Israel adding that, “Israel has the right to defend it’s security and respond appropriately to attacks.”

So as it stands now as I write this article, last Monday, May 6th, Egypt once again brokering a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas…their eighth ceasefire within a year’s time. And while Egypt’s intentions are honorable such ceasefires always seems to mean in the end that, “Israel ceases and Hamas fires.”

And Islamic Jihad’s newest threat has led Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to issue a statement that “the campaign is not over yet” and that “the IDF was continuing preparations for military action in Gaza”… actions I believe are long overdue especially since Iran wants Hamas to “up the pressure” on Israel.

And Ilhan Omar and Rashida Talib, via their tweets and hateful words of condemnation against Israel and not against the actions of Hamas, have now positioned themselves to be a direct detriment to both the United States and Israel. Traitorous actions if you ask me… actions counter to our Constitution. And if one cannot abide by the oath they took to uphold the Constitution…and that includes supporting our allies in this case Israel…then one needs to be “expelled” from Congress x two.
*The Saudi tweet translates as follows: “Our hearts are with you. May Allah protect Israel and its people. We will not let the treacherous hand of Iran and its agents in Gaza reach the Israeli people. It’s time to say this out loud: confronting the terror of Hamas is the responsibility of all the countries in the region and of the international community [as a whole], not only of Israel.”

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German Councils Distribute Beer Coasters Promoting Islam, Offend Muslims

German Councils Distribute Beer Coasters Promoting Islam, Offend Muslims


Sometimes stories make reasonable and logical sense. Other times they’re more convoluted. And then there are stories that are an unfathomable disaster.

As in, why did anyone involved think that this was a good idea?

Local German councils got involved in promoting Islam. They decided the best way to do that was on beer coasters in pubs. Two terrible ideas collided together at 70 KPH.

This is the outcome.

The distribution of Islam-related questions on beer mats in the towns of Maintal and Offenbach near Frankfurt has been harshly criticized. The mats show questions on Islam written in the local Hesse dialect. On the back, a QR code can be scanned that directs mobile users to the city council’s website, where the answers can be found.

The initiative was supposed to promote dialogue and understanding of Islam among non-Muslims.

The technical term for that is Dawah. In non-Muslim countries, it’s not the job of governments. Except, these days it seems to be.

But it does make a kind of sense.

Drunks are the only people likely to believe Islam is a religion of peace.View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

The Local Germany@TheLocalGermany

Row breaks out near Frankfurt over Islam ‘beer mats’ 23:41 AM – May 17, 2019See The Local Germany’s other TweetsTwitter Ads info and privacy

Salih Tasdirek, the Turkish-born chairman of the city of Maintal’s advisory council for foreigners, who has lived in Germany for almost 40 years, believes Islam should not be associated with alcohol.

Apparently that was one of the questions that didn’t show up on the beer coasters.

What are Islam’s feeling about liquor?

Apart from being distributed in pubs, the coasters also show a Bembel on them, a pitcher used for the regional alcoholic specialty that is similar to cider.

The tolerant educators seem to need some educating of their own before they educate the rest of us.

Maintal and Offenbach councils distribute the mats, which were complied by Islamic scholars, in pubs and restaurants. There have been similar initiatives in the southwestern city of Freiburg, where students first came up with the idea, and in the eastern state of Saxony.

And now there will be a round of apologies for the previous round of apologies.

CAIR condemns Law & Order for “Islamophobic” episode, demands producers meet Muslim leaders

CAIR condemns Law & Order for “Islamophobic” episode, demands producers meet Muslim leaders


CAIR “wants the producers of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) to meet with Muslim community leaders, in response to a controversial episode that aired last week, which viewers criticized for promoting Islamophobia and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.”

Strange. The CBS program “Living Biblically” is an entire series which mocks Christianity but is generally accepted as free expression, ignored by some, disgusting to some, watched and laughed at by others. That’s the extent of it. There are many programs in fact, that make fun of Christians, Indians, Chinese people, blacks, virtually everyone. But Islamic supremacists will not integrate into Western society where many Westerners engage in offensive humor and expression. Instead, there is a dramatic, embarrassing fallout when Muslims are insulted; a big hoopla which is characteristic of sharia societies if Muslims ever do feel insulted. Unfortunately, rather than encourage Muslims to adapt, many are enabling the same behaviors found in these countries. Islamic supremacists refuse to live peaceably in Western societies as Hindus, Buddhists and other religions adherents do without expectations of special treatment.

As for the sensitivities expressed about ridiculing Ilhan Omar in the episode, is there any politician mocked more than the current President of the United States, Donald Trump?

“Muslim Group Calls Out ‘Law & Order: SVU’ For Episode ‘Enflaming Islamophobia’”, by Marina Fang,  Huffington Post, May 14, 2019:

A Muslim advocacy organization wants the producers of NBC’s “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU)” to meet with Muslim community leaders, in response to a controversial episode that aired last week, which viewers criticized for promoting Islamophobia and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said Monday that it wrote a letter to the show’s executive producer Dick Wolf to “urge you and your staff to meet with leaders of the Muslim community to learn why this episode makes the rising tide of bigotry even worse, and what you can to do mitigate the damage that has already been done.”

One of the episode’s storylines involved a character, city councilwoman Nahla Nasar, who appeared to be an exaggerated version of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.). Omar has been the subject of bad-faith attacks from opponents who have falsely equated her support for Palestine with anti-Semitism.

CAIR said that the episode advanced “a ridiculous plot line that mocks the real hatred being experienced by real American Muslims and other minority communities,” executive director Nihad Awad wrote in the letter.

Afaf Nasher, the director of CAIR’s New York chapter, urged the show’s producers to “avoid enflaming Islamophobia,” warning that the episode may “lend a hand to anti-Muslim bigots.”

The group said the episode, which aired last Thursday, also “portrayed Muslim men in a negative light and suggested that growing Islamophobia in America is a hoax.”

A spokeswoman for NBC did not immediately return a request for comment on the letter and the criticism of the episode.

Last Thursday, social media users criticized the episode, which mashed together Nasar’s storyline with plot points inspired by two other real-life figures who sparked controversy: “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett and high school student Nicholas Sandmann…..

In Paris: A Bearded Bus Driver Enforces Muslim Dress Code

In Paris: A Bearded Bus Driver Enforces Muslim Dress Code


In Paris, the “affaire de la jupe” (Affair of the Skirt), reported on in French here  is one of those seemingly small contretemps, involving Muslims in the West, that circumstances turn into something much bigger.

It begins with two women, North African in origin, who were waiting, at 11 p.m. for city bus #60, at the Botzargis bus stop. When the bus pulled up to the stop, the bearded driver looked them over, refused to open the doors, and took off. One of the women ran after the bus, and when it stopped at a red light, she asked the driver, through his window, why he hadn’t picked them up.. He told her that she was dressed incorrectly, in a skirt. He looked disapprovingly at her legs. By her appearance he knew she was ethnically Arab, and therefore believed she ought to have been islamically modest in her dress. No skirts. And that is why, he explained unapologetically,, he had refused to pick her up. A city bus, but a Muslim driver, enforcing an Islamic dress code.

Things might have ended there, for all concerned, but for the fact that the woman in question is 29 years old, and the daughter of a famous Algerian poet, Kamel Bencheikh, an apostate who lives in France and is, he proudly says, an ‘islamophobe.” (by which he means not someone with an “irrational fear” of Islam but, rather, with a deep knowledge of and dislike of the faith). When Bencheikh heard the story from his daughter Elise he posted a piece about it, and also wrote about the incident on his Facebook page, demanding that the driver be punished.

But what happened then was even more disturbing than the original incident of the bearded driver of a city bus enforcing an Islamic dress code. Facebook took down Kamel Bensheikh’s account on his Facebook page because, it said, his post tended to “incite hatred.” Thus does the world’s main social media platform decide to censor a perfectly reasonable expression of outrage by a father at the treatment of his daughter. She had, after all, been refused service at 11 o’clock at night, and left with another woman to fend for themselves in a dangerous area of Paris (Buttes-Chaumont). There was nothing in Bencheikh’s posting that “incited hatred”’; he was angry with the driver, and expressed that anger. But anger is not hate; he nowhere “incited hatred” as Facebook, in removing his account, falsely claimed. He asked himself: why does the social network accuse him of inciting hatred with this post?

Indeed, as soon as the facts of the incident were revealed, the French political class reacted on Twitter, asking RATP (the public transportation company) to provide the necessary sanctions against the driver.. Here are just a few of their responses. Valérie Pécresse: “If the facts are proven they are scandalous.”Jean Messiha:”The woman’s father posts her story on Facebook, which immediately deletes it. Are we still in France? “And Lydia Guirous, spokesperson for the Republicans, was even more radical: “There is an EMERGENCY need to eradicate political Islam in France.” Valérie Boyer affirms that “religious extremism has no place in our Republic. Our freedoms, our rights must be preserved!”

“This guy who drives a bus paid for by my taxes prevented my daughter, who holds a valid Navigo pass and therefore in good standing, who has never had anything to blame for getting on… Just because she wore a skirt,” her father the poet said.. He described the driver as a “Maghrebin” and “Islamist.” . And he demanded a public apology from RATP, which, for its part, said that the driver does not acknowledge “the facts as presented in the press.” However, the Régie (the administration of the bus service) has, however, opened “disciplinary proceedings” against him for “lack of service”. Francilians [people of the Ile-de-France region] can see, every day, that they are very often driven by bearded people,… How many drivers refuse to drive a bus [for some religious reason]? And with the arrival of Ramadan, some people are openly asking themselves the question of passenger safety, because can a driver who does not drink, does not eat all day long, be sure of all his means? Can’t he lose his attention, even for a second?”

The bus driver may well face disciplinary action, as the French are in no mood to allow Muslims on the public payroll to enforce their own notions of Islamic morality on those they assume are Muslims, and whose outfits were therefore to be judged according to Muslim standards. In fact, neither of the women involved was Muslim.

There are three outrages here. One has to do with this particular driver, who will be judged by the Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP), the company that runs the transport services in the Ile-de-France. He is likely to lose his job; his behavior was clearly unacceptable. A second outrage is that there have been similar cases of Muslim bus and taxi drivers imposing their own notions of morality on would-be passengers, but who have gotten away with it because the people they interfered with were not well-connected, unlike the daughter of the famous poet Kamel Bensheikh, someone who instantly commands a wide audience. And the third outrage has to do with Facebook itself. How does Facebook explain its decision to remove the page of Kamel Bencheikh because it supposedly “incited hate,” though nothing in his post remotely resembled such incitement? The French government needs to look at what Facebook and other social media platforms censor, so far without oversight by anyone.

This “affaire de la jupe” may seem small, but in France it has loomed large, for it is one of those seemingly trivial events, whereby Muslims, little by little, attempt to impose their own rules on the larger society. In this case, thanks to the articulate apostate Kamel Bencheikh, such an attempt did not succeed. He’s in the driver seat, and the bus driver is not, and if the French political class and public have their way, that driver won’t ever be again.

Jayda Fransen Found Guilty Of Speech “Stirring Up Hatred”

Jayda Fransen Found Guilty Of Speech “Stirring Up Hatred”


A former deputy leader of Britain First has been sentenced to 180 hours community service over a speech she made in Belfast.

Her trial was swift:

“Jayda Fransen, 33, was found guilty of stirring up hatred during a speech about Islam in August 2017.

“She was also convicted for separate comments at a peace wall in the city.

“Convicting Fransen, of Moat Avenue in Donaghadee, County Down, a judge said her words were “a general, vehement attack against a religious group.”

“”The speech was made during the “Northern Ireland Against Terrorism” event two years ago. Britain First leader Paul Golding, 37, and two other English men, John Banks and Paul Rimmer, were previously acquitted on similar charges.

“They were accused of using threatening, abusive or insulting words intended to stir up hatred or arouse fear.

“During the trial, defense lawyers argued that each of the accused was entitled to freedom of expression, no matter how offensive their speeches may be.

“The court heard that Fransen told those gathered at the rally that there was no moderate version of Islam and that “these people are baying for our blood”.


As the celebrated apostate ibn Warraq has said, “there are moderate Muslims, but Islam itself is not moderate.”

Fransen knows that there is no “moderate” version of the Qur’an and hadith. There is only one Qur’an for all Muslims. The hadith, too, remain the same for all members of the umma. .There are those “moderate Muslims”” who choose to ignore the 109 Qur’anic verses commanding Muslims to “fight” and to “kill” and to “smite at the necks of” and to “strike terror in the hearts of” Unbelievers, but those verses remain in the Qur’an, immutable, with only the milder, earlier, “Meccan” verses being abrogated by the harsher, later, “Medinan” verses. In claiming that there is “no moderate” version of Islam Fransen is simply recognizing this bleak reality.

“She says that “these people are baying for our blood.” Whom does she mean? Not every last Muslim. Clearly, “these people’” means those Muslims who want to dutifully follow the commands to wage jihad against the Unbelievers. The Muslim Believer who reads, and attempts to follow, or hep others to carry out, such Qur’anic verses as 2:191-193, 3:151, 4:89, 5;51, 8:12, 8:60, 9;5,9:29,47:4, and 98:6, that tells him to fight against and to kill the Unbelievers, “the most vile of created beings,’” is surely “baying for the blood” of non-Muslims.

Fransen added: “Islam says every single one of you wonderful people here today deserves to be killed.”

Again, she is talking about Islam, not all Muslims. The 109 Qur’anic verses that command violent Jihad (fight, kill, smite, sow terror)against the Unbelievers (“every single one of you wonderful people here today”) are firmly based on the idea that the Unbelievers “deserve to be killed.” Is Fransen to be punished for pointing this out?

“Those attending the rally were then told it was time for the world to come together against “the one common enemy.”

Some apologists for Islam like to claim that Muslims are opposed only to people in the West, not because they are Unbelievers but because Muslims resent the West’s “colonial past,” during which Muslims suffered. This ignores the fact that European colonialism scarcely affected most of the Arab world. In North Africa only Algeria was a colony in the classic sense. In the Middle East, the Arabian peninsula was off-limits to Unbelievers, save for the entrepôt of Aden, which resupplied ships on the England-to-India route, and a handful of British garrisons on the upper Gulf coast, designed to keep the peace among the local rulers and tribes. The British held mandates for Iraq and Palestine, the French held the mandate for Syria/Lebanon; both mandatory authorities were there to prepare the local Arabs for self-government (and, in Western Palestine, to do the same for the Jews). Mandates were not colonies.

Islam had been waging war on non-Muslims for more than a thousand years before “European colonialism” came to full flower. During the 1,400 years of its existence, Islam’s adherents have been waging war not just against Western Christendom, but against all non-Muslims: Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, and other even smaller groups. This endless war is not one of Islam versus the West, but of Islam versus All the Rest. And it is the recognition of this shared victimhood at the hands of aggressive Islam that led Jayda Fransen to call for unity among the many different victims of Islam, allied against “the one common enemy.” There was nothing inaccurate in her description of Islam; in defining all non-Muslims as its enemy, Islam logically becomes for them “the common enemy.”

“The judge told the court: “I’m satisfied these words were intended to stir up hatred and arouse fear.”

How did Jayda Fransen “stir up hatred” of Muslims? She did not suggest that Muslims, as individuals, should be hated. She knows there are Muslims who ignore large parts of the Qur’an. She did not call for violence. And there was no violence following her speech. She simply was pointing out how normative Islam views the Unbelievers, Given how many apologists for Islam continually insist on the “peace” and “tolerance” of Islam, she offered a most useful and necessary corrective.

“He also found her guilty over a separate, filmed incident at a Belfast peace wall in December 2017.

“On that occasion, the court heard that Fransen declared the “Islamification” of Britain would lead to similar walls to separate the two sides.

Fransen was predicitng that an ever-larger Muslim population in the U.K. would lead to two parallel societies, One would consist of those Muslims who refuse to integrate into British society, reject its laws and customs, and hope to live, within the U.K., by Muslim rules and principles. These are the True Believers. As against them would be all others — Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, and those “moderate” Muslims who reject much of what is contained in Islam’s texts and teachings. Between the two groups, there would be an invisible mental wall separating them, and perhaps many real walls, too, dividing Muslim areas from non-Muslim ones. Fransen’s prediction about “islamification” leading to such walls may or may not come true, but it is a legitimate worry; we already have hundreds of No-Go areas all over Europe, where non-Muslims fear to enter. She should not have been punished for alerting her audience to this consequences of “islamification.”

“During sentencing on Friday, a defense lawyer for Fransen said she had now made her home in Northern Ireland.

“He also said she intended to lodge an appeal.

“He told the court no actual violence was occasioned as a result of Fransen’s conduct.

“Sentencing her, the judge said the words she used were “unlawful”, adding that normally a custodial sentence would be imposed.

What was “unlawful”–or untrue — about Jayda Fransen’s words? Nothing. We can only conclude that British justice has reached such a sorry state that judges now treat as “unlawful” those statements about Islam which may be perfectly true, but which must not be said lest non-Muslims think worse of Islam. That, of course, would never do.



‘Cease and desist’ letter dispatched over privileges for Muslim students

Published: 18 hours ago 464Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail464image:



A legal team has dispatched a cease-and-desist letter to a school district in Washington state that promoted Islam through a Ramadan policy that provides special privileges for Muslim students.

It’s the second district in the state found to have the special policy in just the last week.

The Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund confirmed it has written to Michelle Reid, superintendent of the Northshore School District in Bothell, Washington, to insist that the policy be revoked.

The policy directs teachers to create “safe spaces” for Muslims, plan with Muslim students to let them “quietly slip away” from class for prayer, “privately offer information” about nutrition during their Ramadan fast, give “a lesson” on Ramadan and privately ask Muslim students what accommodations they want.

FCDF warned that if the district does not revoke the policy and begin compliance with the First Amendment, “then parents and students will have a legal cause of action against you and the school district.”

While students are allowed to practice their religion, the team said, and “nothing in the Constitution prohibits public schools from accommodating students’ religious exercise,” public schools are not allowed to have policies or practices that “convey a message that a particular religion, or a particular religious belief, is ‘favored.’

“Administrators and teachers must never be placed in the position of monitoring a child’s compliance with a particular religious requirement, such as prayer, dietary restrictions, or wearing a head covering,” the letter said.

The First Amendment requires, in those circumstances, neutrality on religion, the letter said.

FCDF said the district must “restore the rights of non-Muslim students of faith to be treated equally under the law” and review all instances in which the school’s Ramadan policy was enforced.

The letter followed “multiple complaints” to FCDF from members of the Bothell community as well as a teacher.

It was the district’s Diversity & Equity Department that recently issued the guidelines for Muslim students during Ramadan.Paducah Attorneys You Need To SeeLawyers | Sponsored LinksAds by Revcontent

“The school district’s so-called Ramadan ‘accommodations’ run roughshod over the First Amendment and are a blatant insult to students of other faiths,” said Daniel Piedra, FCDF’s executive director. “Under the mantle of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion,’ school officials have exalted Islam as the state-sponsored religion. Teachers and parents are outraged, and they should be.”

Just days earlier, FCDF sent a similar letter to the Dieringer School District in Lake Tapps, Washington, about the same issue.

The Ramadan policy had been recommended by the terror-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations.

After CAIR wrote to that school suggesting various changes in policy and practice that would benefit Muslim students, district Supt. Judy Martinson implemented CAIR’s suggestions as official district policy. She distributed the CAIR letter to school principals, who in turn circulated it to all teachers and staff, FCDF said.

The guidelines included having teachers greet students in Arabic for their Ramadan holiday.

Islamists Teach And Influence Young American Muslims

Islamists Teach And Influence Young American Muslims

by Samantha Rose Mandeles and Sean MacCormac
The Daily Wire
May 2, 2019


In an age of a growing American Muslim population, the United States has seen an increase in the number of American Muslim private schools. Lobbying over public school curricula is also an increasingly important area of focus for American Muslim organizations. By themselves, these phenomena are not problematic, especially with the focus on civil rights so commonly advanced by Muslim educators. But a problem arises when powerful American Islamist organizations use the language of social justice activism as a cover for their efforts to impose their own illiberal values on Muslim communities.

One such organization is the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which, among other pursuits, organizes annual “Education Forums” all over the country. Now in their 20th year and drawing hundreds of American Muslim educators with each occurrence, this ISNA educational conference claims to integrate Islamic teachings with social justice activism, working with Muslim educators who teach the next generation of American Muslims.

American Islamist organizations use the language of social justice activism to impose illiberal values on Muslim communities.

But at its core, ISNA is an Islamist organization with deep ties to overseas terror networks. In the infamous 2007 Holy Land Foundation (HLF) terrorist financing case, the U.S. Department of Justice named ISNA an “unindicted co-conspirator” — naming the group as one of a number of “entities who are and/or were members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.” Accordingly, ISNA’s conferences — replete with extreme speakers and exclusionary ideology — facilitate the tendentious education of Muslim American youth by narrowly defining “authentic Islamic studies curricul[a]” and the “Muslim American Narrative” according to ISNA’s Islamist ideals.

On April 19, ISNA’s latest nationwide educational conference took place outside Chicago, Illinois. This year, the theme was “Integrating Social Justice in Islamic Education: Ensuring equal access to success for all students, parents, and teachers.” Indeed, the keynote speaker, British journalist Mehdi Hasan, is an outspoken commentator on the topical question of “Islamophobia” (a frequent ISNA educational conference topic). However, he is also known for a 2009 speech at a Shia mosque in London in which he stated, “Once we lose the moral high ground we are no different from the rest, of the non-Muslims, from the rest of those human beings who live their lives as animals, bending any rule to fulfill any desire.” He was also recorded describing disbelief in Islam as an “infirmity” and approvingly citing the Qur’anic classification of atheists as “a people of no intelligence.”

While Hasan later published an article apologizing for his “phraseology” in those cases, he concurrently justified his speech by pointing out that he had also called fellow Muslims “cattle.” And while he recently issued a sincere-sounding apology on Twitter, reminding his readers that “words matter,” he has now nullified his own apology by agreeing to speak for such an extremist organization as ISNA.

Other speakers at the conference had similarly dubious credentials in fighting bigotry, but were still slated to lead workshops on social justice. One such session — “Social Justice Warriors” — hosted by Islamic elementary school administratorsRania Lawendy and Asma Ahmadi. Lawendy is evidently an avid supporter of the Egyptian Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. Her Facebook page is littered with images of the four-fingered Brotherhood symbol. In 2013, she appeared on a live broadcast in support of ousted Brotherhood president Mohammed Morsi, claiming “he’s committed no crimes” — despite accusations that he and his supporters arrested and tortured dozens of opposition members, and that he worked with foreign terrorist groups while in office. Lawendy has also posted her support for Tariq Ramadan, a prominent Islamist academic, who is currently awaiting trial in France on multiple rape charges.

One might hope that these poor speaker choices represent momentary lapses in judgment by ISNA staff. Unfortunately, the radical lecturers at the recent ISNA educational conference are not anomalies. For example, in January, ISNA hosted a regional West Coast educational forum on the theme of “Teaching Values to Empower Students.” The conference’s banquet featured Islamist cleric Yassir Fazaga — whose values seem like a poor choice with which to “empower” American students. Fazaga was exposed in 2012 for his extensive involvement with Peace TV, an extremist media outlet founded by the Islamist televangelist Zakir Naik, who says that “every Muslim should be a terrorist,” and that Jews are “our staunchest enemy.”

In 2007, the FBI investigated Fazaga and his mosque — the Orange County Islamic Federation (OCIF) — for extremist activity. And though Fazaga and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) subsequently sued the Bureau as part of a class-action lawsuit, their own case files acknowledge that Fazaga and the OCIF did host speakers (including the notorious Islamist homophobe Suhaib Webb) considered radical by the investigating FBI agents. Eric Holder, as Obama administration attorney general, successfully sought the case’s dismissalunder state secrets privilege. Still, Fazaga insinuated the investigation was only motivated by bigotry, saying that the FBI’s strategy “literally boils down into, if you cannot find terrorists within the Muslim community, make terrorists. Create the terrorists.” (Fazaga, CAIR, and the ACLU have continued to appeal, and a February ruling“affirmed in part and reversed in part the district court’s judgment in favor of the United States, the FBI, and federal officials.”)

Teachers who attend ISNA’s education forums do not encounter genuinely liberal, pluralistic ideas.

At other past ISNA education conferences, ISNA has even honored the overtly anti-Semiticactivist Yahia Abdul-Rahman with a “Community Service” award. Among other indiscretions, Abdul-Rahman has approvingly posted a Facebook link to “The Ugly Truth,” a website that describes itself as “intelligent ‘anti-Semitism’ for thinking Gentiles.” The site features claims that Israel orchestrated the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and discussions about “de-Judifying America.” Astonishingly, his Ugly Truth and other anti-Jewish conspiracy posts remain public and visible on his Facebook page.

Given the extremism of Lawendy, Abdul-Rahman and other speakers, teachers who attend ISNA’s education forums do not encounter genuinely liberal, pluralistic ideas — but rather encounter fig leaves for something more sinister. If ISNA’s vision of “authentic Islamic studies” includes these speakers’ Islamist ideologies, Americans might well worry about what the next generation of our Muslim youth is imbibing.

Samantha Rose Mandeles is the coordinator of Islamist Watch, a project of the Middle East Forum. Follow her on Twitter @SRMandeles. Sean MacCormac is a writer for Islamist Watch

At The Saatchi Gallery, Muslims Make Demands

At The Saatchi Gallery, Muslims Make Demands


Recently there was a brouhaha in Great Britain over two paintings that had been on display at the Saatchi Gallery. They were both by the pseudonymous artist who goes by the name SKU. Thy paintings overlaid Arabic script on images of a nude woman, and included the Qur’anic verse that constitutes the shahada, or Profession of Faith, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. These paintings were, according to The Times of London, apparently meant to depict the conflict between America and Islamic extremists.

However, the inclusion of the Islamic declaration of faith, known as the shahada, in the painting prompted complaints from Muslim visitors who demanded that the paintings be removed. One suspects that SKU wanted to cause a stir, so useful these days for an artist’s career, and that’s exactly what he got.

No one was making those Muslim visitors look at those paintings; no one was forcing them to visit the privately-owned Saatchi Gallery. But the Muslims held firm. The painter, SKU, proposed a supposed “compromise”: the paintings would not be removed, but would instead be covered with grey sheets. In that way, present and absent at the same time, the paintings would still attract attention and discussion — with some people perhaps lifting the sheets for a view, or asking museum officials about the reason for their being covered, and what was being kept from view,, and why, which would focus more attention on those paintings, among visitors and in the media — which has already carried many stories about these otherwise unprepossessing works — than they might otherwise have received.

The Muslims grandly conceded to let the paintings remain,as long as they were covered. What makes this tale of craven self-censorship even more disturbing isthat the Saatchi Gallery has always sought to be “edgy” and “out there.” Charles Saatchi has been proud of defying all attempts to censor the display of any of his paintings. The show exhibiting part of his collection at the Royal Academy of Art in 1997 contained a painting of Myra Hindley, who took part in the the torture and killing of five children between the ages of 10 and 17, the infamous “Moors murders.” Hindley and her partner Ian Brady were described by the trial judge as “two sadistic killers of the utmost depravity.” Many people condemned Saatchi’s showing of the painting; some even resigned in protest from the Royal Academy. But Saatchi kept the painting in the show.

Charles Saatchi’s collection also included “The Holy Virgin Mary’”by Chris Ofili.,which is a painting of the mother of Christ set atop two huge slabs of elephant dung. It created a storm of predictable protest when shown in London in 1997 and again when it was shown at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1999. Christian groups called for the painting to be removed because it was ‘“offensive to religious viewers.” ’Saatchi didn’t budge. Nor did he suggest a compromise like that accepted by he Muslims, of leaving the painting in place but covering it with a sheet.

The question remains: why was Charles Saatchi so willing to cover up the two paintings by SKU that offended Muslims, but unwilling to consider doing the same for much more offensive works, the portrait of serial killer Myra Hindley and Chris Ofili’s “The Holy Virgin Mary”?

Islam, among all the world’s religions, is the one we are most afraid to defy. We treat it with kid gloves. You must not make fun of the faith, ridicule any of its beliefs, mock Muhammad, or, as SKU did, mix Qur’anic verses with non-Islamic material deemed offensive to Muslim sensibiilities.. But if its a question of ofeending Christians, why go right ahead — put the Virgin Mary on slabs of elephant dung. Or show Andres Serrano’s photograph of a small crucifix immersed in a vial of his own urine, and that “Piss Christ” will be considered a serious art work and continue to be on display for hundreds of thousands of viewers, despite howls of protests from Christian groups. Only after 24 years of being shown was “Piss Christ” finally put out of its miserable existence by a Catholic group in Avignon whose members tore up the photograph.

This unequal treatment of art works deemed to blaspheme Islam or Christianity is a result not of respect for Islam but of fear of Muslims. We know what they are capable of: the murders of Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists; the killing of the documentary film maker Theo van Gogh for his movie describing the mistreatment of women in Islam; the attempts to murder Swedish cartoonist Lars Wilks; the threats to kill British Pakistani writer Salman Rushdie. But no one wants to admit to that fear, so they feign respect.

The gallery ought to have stuck to its guns. It should have told the Muslims who demanded the removal of SKU’s paintings that Charles Saatchi had in the past shown paintings that offended Christians, such as that by Chris Ofili of the Virgin Mary (propped upon elephant dung), and continued to do so despite protests; that these SKU paintings may have offended some Muslim sensibilities but were meant to raise questions about clashing identities, and they did not constitute hate speech; that freedom of expression, artistic as well as political, was a central value of British and Western civilization; finally, that those living in the West and enjoying its freedoms had an obligation to respect the values of that civilization.

The Saatchi Gallery can still remove those sheets that now cover SKU’s two paintings. It could also post a sign at the gallery’s entrance, warning that ‘Some Muslim visitors may be offended by the two paintings of SKU, and we suggest they not look at them.’ That would provide a salutary shock. Muslims used to having their demands met would be put on notice that they had gone too far. Non-Muslims used to yielding to those demands would have their own spines stiffened as a result. Both are consummations devoutly to be wished.