SILICON VALLEY SHARIA: Apple and Google Are Ilhan Omar’s Top 2020 Campaign Donors As Republicans Continue To Be Censored- Julie Reichwein

In yet another example of Silicon Valley Sharia, and further evidence that the big tech social media companies are in bed with the radical Left, Apple
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Ilhan Omar retweets comedian mocking brutal assault on Rand Paul

Ilhan Omar and Rand Paul

After Sen. Rand Paul offers to buy Rep. Ilhan Omar a ticket to Somalia so she can ‘appreciate America more,’ the Democrat congresswoman responds with a retweet mocking the violent assault on the Republican senator by a neighbor in 2017. #FoxNews

NYC: hundreds of Jews protest against Ilhan Omar at Times Square

NYC: hundreds of Jews protest against Ilhan Omar at Times Square


Hundreds of protesters showed up in New York City’s Times Square “to call for the removal of freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.” They comprised of both Jews and Jewish supporters against antisemitism.

“New York native and activist Joe Diamond” who organized the rally stated:  “In my lifetime I cannot think of any other politician who presents a bigger threat to the alliance between the US and Israel and to America’s Jews”.

Many have not called out the uniqueness about Islamic antisemitism, branding the likes of Ilhan Omar (and Rashida Tlaib) as merely “antisemitic”. What makes this kind of antisemitism distinct is the organized pervasiveness of it and the fact that the roots of Islamic antisemitism lies within Islamic doctrine, from the Quran to modern teachings by Islamic scholars.

“The former Grand Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi, who was the most respected cleric in the world among Sunni Muslims, called Jews ‘the enemies of Allah, descendants of apes and pigs.’”

According to Saudi sheikh, Ba’d bin Abdallah al-Ajameh al-Ghamidi:  “The current behavior of the brothers of apes and pigs, their treachery, violation of agreements, and defiling of holy places … is connected with the deeds of their forefathers during the early period of Islam–which proves the great similarity between all the Jews living today and the Jews who lived at the dawn of Islam.”

And the Palestinian jihad is sealed within PA, PLO, Hamas and Fatah Charters which aim to obliterate Israel from the river (Jordan) to the sea (Mediterranean). Children in the Palestinian territories are sent to summer Jihad camp and are indoctrinated to hate Jews through school curricula; and pay-for-slay blood money continues to fund Palestinian jihad terrorists.

The New York City protest was organized by the group “Ilan Must Go.” Members planned on a billboard launching “with donations from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Zionist Organization of America and others”, but the city denied them a permit, calling the ad “disparaging“. But that did not stop “Ilhan Must Go“. The group launched a “video display on a truck.”

“Speakers at the event included former Democratic New York State assemblyman Dov Hikind and award-winning advocate of Christian Zionism Laurie Cardoza-Moore.”  Moore said something noteworthy, that she “expects to be called Islamophobic” but she is just “against terrorism”. A Washington Examiner article published the telling title about Ilhan Omar: She’s not naive: Ilhan Omar is on the road, raising money for extreme Islamist groups.

Omar has been continuously invoking the dreaded words “islamophobia”, and “racist” when she gets called out, as a means to veil her own Islamic antisemitism.


EW YORK – Protesters gathered in New York City’s Times Square late Monday to call for the removal of freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Following the highly-publicized allegations of the Minnesotan congresswoman’s antisemitism and her statement downplaying the 9/11 terrorist attacks, New York native and activist Joe Diamond organized a rally and billboard launch calling for her removal. She is one of the first two Muslim women to be elected to the US legislature.

“In my lifetime, I cannot think of any other politician who presents a bigger threat to the alliance between the US and Israel and to America’s Jews,” Diamond told The Jerusalem Post ahead of Monday’s protest. “This woman is an ardent antisemite, and she doesn’t even try to hide it.”

Omar’s critics had planned to launch a billboard with redacted quotes from the politician, alongside graphic 9/11 imagery. The group, named “Ilan Must Go,” was prepared to spend thousands of dollars on the billboard, with donations from the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Zionist Organization of America and others. Instead, the detractors put the video display on a truck, as they were unable to receive a stationary billboard permit from local authorities, which cited the ad as “disparaging.”

A screen on the truck flickered with controversial statements Omar has made since being elected in 2018, including her much-publicized and allegedly antisemitic tweet “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.”

Diamond, who originally estimated that the event would bring in 10,000 protesters, said he was pleased with the turnout in the hundreds. Speakers at the event included former Democratic New York State assemblyman Dov Hikind and award-winning advocate of Christian Zionism Laurie Cardoza-Moore.

“We have to utilize every mechanism of media to wake up Americans about the vile hatred of this woman. Christians should also be alarmed. Ilhan Omar is a huge threat to our national security,” Cardoza-Moore said. The activist told the Post that she expects to be called Islamophobic following her statements. “I’m just against terrorism,” she claimed.

Omar’s defenders were among those in the crowd, including a handful of hassidic men who oppose the existence of Israel and a group of Jewish millennials who said that attempts to remove her were an expression of racism and Islamophobia, linked to white supremacy.

“At a Times Square protest against Ilhan Omar, several hundred people with Trump banners and Israeli and American flags are saying the most hateful lies. One man has the flag of The Jewish Defense League, a terrorist group responsible for multiple murders,” author and artist Molly Crabapple tweeted….

Ilhan Omar Falsely Claims “Thousands” of Somalis Killed During 1993 Black Hawk Down Mission, Adds “NotTodaySatan”

Ilhan Omar Falsely Claims “Thousands” of Somalis Killed During 1993 Black Hawk Down Mission, Adds “NotTodaySatan”


It’s hard to tell if she meant the American troops were Satan or the person with whom she was conversing. Journalists should ask her, but of course, we have no journalists.

Ilhan Omar✔@IlhanMN

In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day! #NotTodaySatanRon Harris@RonHarrisMN”All lives matter” even though 230 is more than 10 times 19.1,4738:28 PM – Oct 15, 2017 · St Paul, MNTwitter Ads info and privacy7,551 people are talking about this

“Ilhan Omar claims US forces killed ‘thousands’ of Somalis during ‘Black Hawk Down’ mission, resurfaced tweet shows,” by Joseph A. Wulfsohn, Fox News, April 22, 2019:

A resurfaced tweet from Rep. Ilhan Omar saw the Minnesota Democrat claim U.S. forces killed “thousands” of Somalis during the 1993 “Black Hawk Down” mission — despite multiple analysts concluding the number was much smaller.

In the October 2017 tweet discovered by journalist John Rossomando, Omar was responding to a Twitter user who’d highlighted that more than a dozen U.S. soldiers were killed and another 73 were wounded in the Battle of Mogadishu, saying it was the “worst terrorist attack in Somalia history.”

Omar, a Somali refugee who was then a Minnesota state representative, refuted the tweet, insisting that “thousands” of Somalis were killed by American forces.

“In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day,” Omar tweeted.

She also included the hashtag, “NotTodaySatan.”

The number of Somali casualties in the Battle of Mogadishu is widely disputed. A representative of the Somali National Alliance estimated that only 133 militiamen were killed during a 2001 interview while “Black Hawk Down: A Story of Modern War” author Mark Bowden estimated roughly 500 Somalis were killed. As the Investigative Project on Terrorism also noted, the Rand Corporation reported that about 300 civilians were killed while others estimated nearly 1,000….

New York Times, Ilhan Omar Claim Jesus Was a “Palestinian”

New York Times, Ilhan Omar Claim Jesus Was a “Palestinian”


In AD 134, the Romans had expelled the Jews from Judea after the Bar Kokhba revolt and renamed the region Palestine. The Romans had plucked this name from the Bible; it was the name of the Israelites’ ancient enemies, the Philistines. But never did the term “Palestinian” refer to anything but a region — not to a people or an ethnicity.In the 1960s, however, the KGB and Hajj Amin al-Husseini’s nephew Yasir Arafat created both these allegedly oppressed people and the instrument of their freedom — the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). The idea of a “Palestinian people” is one of the most successful propaganda fictions in human history.

Find out how “Palestinian” jihadis and their allies exploit this false claim about Jesus in my forthcoming book The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process, which you can preorder here.

“Wiesenthal Center: ‘Grotesque’ for Omar, NYT to Say Jesus Was Palestinian,” by Aaron Bandler, Jewish Journal, April 23, 2019 (thanks to the Geller Report):

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate and director of Global Social Action Agenda at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, called out Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) and The New York Times for promulgating the notion that Jesus was a Palestinian.

Omar re-tweeted an April 20 tweet from Omar Suleiman, an adjunct professor for Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University, who said a Palestinian relative told him regarding the “Christian right”: “Don’t they know we’re Christian too? Do they even consider us human? Don’t they know Jesus was a Palestinian?”

Screenshot from Twitter.

Similarly, an April 19 New York Times piece focusing on various depictions of Jesus Christ’s skin color stated, “Jesus, born in Bethlehem, was most likely a Palestinian man with dark skin.”

Cooper told the Journal in a statement via email that it’s a “grotesque insult to Jesus born in the land of Israel and to Christianity” to say that Jesus was a Palestinian.

“Palestine was a name made up by Romans after they crucified thousands, destroyed the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and exiled the People of Israel from their homeland,” Cooper said…

lhan Omar – Traitor?

lhan Omar – Traitor?

UTTAll currently available evidence reveals Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is conspiring with hostile foreign powers against the United States and its interests to overthrow the U.S. government in violation of federal law and the oath she took to protect and defend the Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

In addition to Ilhan Omar’s 2013 arrest and her marriage to her brother, as well as her public comments revealing her hatred for Jews and indifference about the 9/11/01 attacks on America by Islamic jihadists, Omar’s seditious and treasonous actions are what causes the gravest concern to Understanding the Threat (UTT), and should be grave concerns to the American people.

Ilhan Omar works closely with the leader of Hamas in the United States doing business as the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) – Nihad Awad.

Hamas was designated a Foreign Terrorist Organization in 1995 by the U.S. government.

UTT assesses Nihad Awad is also the General Masul or leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (L) with U.S. Hamas/Muslim Brotherhood Leader Nihad Awad (R)

The U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations (USCMO), formed in 2014, is the largest conglomerate of Muslim Brotherhood organizations in the United States.

Over the last couple of years, the USCMO has been turning the reigns of power of the Islamic Movement in the U.S. over to the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood, specifically to the likely Caliph of the soon-to-be declared Islamic Caliphate, President Erdogan of Turkey.

In the Islamic world, Erdogan is already being called the “Sultan” and the “President of the Ummah (the global muslim community).”

Now, photos have surfaced of Ilhan Omar meeting with President Erdogan in New York city in 2017 during the same time senior U.S. Muslim Brotherhood leadership via the USCMO was also meeting with the probable next caliph, Erdogan.

State Legislator (MN) Ilhan Omar meets with Turkish President and likely future Caliph Erodogan in New York City in 2017.
Senior leaders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood under the banner of the USCMO meet with Turkish President Erdogan in New York City in 2017.
(Photo courtesy of Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy)

Hamas/CAIR, the USCMO, and Erdogan are all working to establish an Islamic State under sharia. Ilhan Omar is a sharia adherent muslim with a track record of supporting ISIS terrorists, and working against the best interests of America, all while holding public office.

Ilhan Omar’s presence in the middle of strategic planning meetings among hostile entities indicates her elevated role in the coming establishment of the caliphate and the war the Islamic Counter-State will wage in the United States.

The law and prudence dictates that a real investigation be conducted into Ilhan Omar’s seditious and treasonous activity.
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About JGJohn Guandolo is a US Naval Academy graduate, served as an Infantry/Reconnaissance officer in the United States Marines and is a combat veteran, served as a Special Agent in the FBI from 1996-2008, and was recruited out of the FBI by the Department of Defense to conduct strategic analysis of the Islamic threat. He is the President and Founder of Understanding the Threat (UTT).

President Trump: Ilhan Omar “Extremely Unpatriotic and Extremely Disrespectful to Our Country”

President Trump: Ilhan Omar “Extremely Unpatriotic and Extremely Disrespectful to Our Country”


Islamic supremacists and Leftists love to try to intimidate those whom they hate, and they’re working very hard these days to claim that criticism of Ilhan Omar amounts to incitement to violence. But in President Trump they have found someone they cannot intimidate.

Trump is also correct in noting that Omar controls Pelosi, and is now the de facto leader of the Democrat Party, as I wrote here several weeks ago.

“Donald Trump: Ilhan Omar ‘Extremely Unpatriotic’ and ‘Disrespectful’ to Our Country,” by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart, April 16, 2019:

…“She’s got a way about her that’s very very bad I think for our country, I think she’s extremely unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country,” Trump said in an interview with KSTP News….

“Look she’s been very disrespectful to this country, she’s been very disrespectful, frankly, to Israel, she is somebody that doesn’t really understand, I think, life, real life what it’s all about,” Trump said.

Omar complained that the president’s tweet led to an increase in direct threats against her life.

When asked if he had second thoughts about sharing the video, Trump replied, “No. Not at all.”

Trump also criticized Ohmar [sic] as “out of control” on Monday on Twitter.

“Before Nancy, who has lost all control of Congress and is getting nothing done, decides to defend her leader, Rep. Omar, she should look at the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and ungrateful U.S. HATE statements Omar has made,” he wrote. “She is out of control, except for her control of Nancy!”

Ilhan Omar Claims Victimhood, Complains About the Outrage Over her 9/11 Comments

Ilhan Omar Claims Victimhood, Complains About the Outrage Over her 9/11 Comments


After insulting the memory of the thousands who lost their lives on 9/11, Ilhan Omar now plays the victim card. This is such a routine, overplayed tactic of Islamic supremacists that one wonders how it can be that many Westerners still haven’t caught on.

Omar says in response to the justified outrage over her remarks: “This is dangerous incitement, given the death threats I face. I hope leaders of both parties will join me in condemning it.”

This is Omar’s call for dhimmis to join her in accepting that Americans were wrong to be outraged over her abhorrent comments she made, and for the leaders of both parties to help her further undermine the security of the U.S. and the freedom of speech.

More on this story. “Ilhan Omar complains about outrage over her 9/11 comments,” by Mark Moore, New York Post, April 10, 2019:

Rep. Ilhan Omar went on Twitter Wednesday to complain that outrage over her comments describing the Sept. 11 attacks as “some people did something” was creating an unsafe situation for her.

“This is dangerous incitement, given the death threats I face. I hope leaders of both parties will join me in condemning it,” the Minnesota Democrat wrote on her account. “My love and commitment to our country and that of my colleagues should never be in question. We are ALL Americans!”

In her posting, she linked to comments made by Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade.

Crenshaw, a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye while fighting in Afghanistan, blasted Omar for her comments trivializing the terror attacks to a Muslim rights group.

“First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as ‘some people who did something,’” Crenshaw wrote Tuesday. “Unbelievable.”

During a segment of “Fox & Friends” about Omar’s speech, Kilmeade said: “Really? Some people did something? You have to wonder if she’s an American first.”

“As a Muslim American you should be more outraged because they sullied your religion,” Kilmeade continued. “In the name of religion they kill Americans and still do it on a daily basis.”….

Video surfaces of Ilhan Omar Mocking Concern Over al-Qaeda and Hizballah, Equating Them with US Army

Video surfaces of Ilhan Omar Mocking Concern Over al-Qaeda and Hizballah, Equating Them with US Army


If we had any actual journalists today, they would be asking Ilhan Omar probing questions about what she thinks about the global jihad and where her loyalties ultimately lie. No one denounced questions of loyalty when John F. Kennedy was asked them as a Roman Catholic running for President in 1960. But today, asking them of Omar would be “Islamophobic.” Meanwhile, the Democrats and the Leftist establishment are making an all-out effort to portray any criticism of Omar as incitement to violence, which is a dishonest attempt to place any such criticism beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse. Incitement to violence is when you call for violence. Criticism is not incitement to violence. It seems as if every day now, one has to remind people that A is A in opposition to new ways in which it is being denied.

“Ilhan Omar, in bizarre clip, jokes about people saying ‘Al Qaeda’ in menacing tone,” by Lukas Mikelionis, Fox News, April 12, 2019:

Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar is facing backlash after her speech at a Muslim rights group’s event where she described the September 11, 2001 terror attacks as ‘some people did something.’

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, in a newly resurfaced clip of an old interview, joked about people saying “Al Qaeda” and “Hezbollah” in a severe tone — while noting nobody says words like “America” that way.

“When I was in college, I took a terrorism class. … The thing that was interesting in the class was every time the professor said ‘Al Qaeda’ his shoulders went up,” Omar said during an interview from 2013 when she was an activist within the Somali community, chuckling as she imitated the professor saying “Al Qaeda” and “Hezbollah.”

Omar went on to contrast the way people say the names of terror groups with how they pronounce the names of western powers:

“But you know, it is that you don’t say ‘America’ with an intensity, you don’t say ‘England’ with the intensity. You don’t say ‘the army’ with the intensity,” she continued. “… But you say these names [Al Qaeda] because you want that word to carry weight. You want it to be something.”

Omar made the remarks during an interview on the show “Belahdan” on Twin Cities PBS that was first unearthed by Fox News in February. Omar’s office did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment on the clip…

Omar Hides 9/11 and Lies About CAIR.

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