Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith Stupidities

Hadith or sayings of the prophet are a collection of many texts which preserve Mohammads sayings and actions. Of the many Hadith collections, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim are considered the most trustworthy by Sunni Islamic scholars. Sunni Muslims make up over 80 percent of the Muslim population in the world.

Doctrine of Women in Islam-Russian Subtitles

Islam proudly claims it was the first to give women their rights and that women are honored and protected. Well, it must be true. So what are the rights of women under the Sharia? Islamic women’s rights include: • The right for her testimony to be half that of a man. • The right to be beaten by her husband • FGM • Kafir women have the right to be sex slaves • The right to be in a harem Modern feminists do not criticize anything about Islam and women. Wife beating, as an example, is simply a cultural thing and all cultures are the same. The more brutal the treatments of women who are not white, the more neo-feminists refuse to criticize because it is racist.


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Why Muhammad Was Not A Feminist

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour recently told a crowd that Islam is a feminist religion. But do Muhammad and the Quran really advocate feminism? After examining Islam’s most trusted sources to see what they say about marriage, polygamy, the intellectual abilities of women, discipline, etc., David Wood presents his top ten reasons that Muhammad was not a feminist.


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Blasphemy Death Sentence in Pakistan for Christian

Blasphemy Death Sentence in Pakistan for Christian