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Jesus Strongly Warns Us to Avoid the Islamic False Prophet

Jesus Strongly Warns Us to Avoid the Islamic False Prophet

In the Book of Revelation Jesus warns us about a False Prophet. Nearly 600 years after Jesus said this Mohammad fulfilled all of the warnings from Jesus. If you are Muslim, we want you to know the truth of Jesus, the Son of God. The sacrifice of Jesus is the only path to heaven. There is no other way. The prophet you were taught to respect and recited the words in the Koran was a False Prophet. Jesus told us this long before it happened.
Revelation Now
In the Bible, Revelation chapters 13 and 16, Jesus said the False Prophet would take five actions. First, Jesus said the False Prophet would attempt to look like and claim to be associated to the Lamb of God, which is Jesus. Second, the False Prophet would deceive the world. Third, the False Prophet would set up an image to worship a false god. Fourth, the False Prophet would create a mark, or statement of faith, to a false god. And fifth, Jesus said demonic spirit messages would come out of the False Prophet’s mouth. Mohammad fulfilled all five of these warnings from Jesus.

Jesus warned us about the False Prophet. The False Prophet was Mohammad. Mohammad did everything Jesus warned us he would do. Listen to Jesus. Do not believe the words of the False Prophet. Only the Bible is the true Word of God. Because Jesus said this many hundreds of years before Mohammad was born, the Bible must be true.

The Bible says Jesus was crucified for our sins and rose to life on the third day. The Koran says this did not happen. Pray for every Muslim who follows the teachings of the False Prophet, who takes the Shahada mark and worships the Kaaba Blackstone image. Pray that they will learn the truth of Jesus. Jesus is the Son of God and only path to Heaven. Jesus and the Father are one God.

Why I Am a Christian (David Wood, Former Atheist’s Conversion Testimony)

I’m David Wood. Lots of people have been asking me how I became a Christian, because I sometimes mention that I’m a former atheist. This video discusses my conversion and explains why I left atheism and became convinced that Jesus is Lord and that he died on the cross for sins and rose from the dead (just as the Bible declares). David Wood’s Christian Testimony #DavidWood#Testimony#Atheism

Do Muslim’s Respect Jesus? Our Muslim friends often claim that Jesus is highly honored and respected in Islam. But then they tell us that Jesus’ message was corrupted (by Allah himself, along with others), that Jesus’ followers abandoned his teachings, and that we needed Muhammad to come along to accomplish what Jesus couldn’t accomplish. But this means that Jesus didn’t actually accomplish anything that lasted. How can Muslims say they respect Jesus when they portray him as a complete failure?